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Cull cows provide more than ground beef for burgers

Cull cows have achieved record prices in the last few years and are an important part of the entire beef complex. They end up at packing plants, where more than 40 percent of product is marketed as whole muscle cuts, depending on how valuable ground beef might be in the current market.

'Deli Man' features scrumptious food and Houston's own Ziggy Gruber

Back in the 80's to 90's, there was one, and mean one place that could make a corned beef sandwich the way I liked it: Alfred's Delicatessen on Stella Link Blvd in Meyerland, just north of the bayou and right on the way between the Medical Center and my home in Sugar Land. I'm insanely picky about my corned beef, and every single time, without exception, it was so delicate as to merge into a perfect textural match with its rye bread, dissolving into smooth, almost golden goodness.

New Market Research Report: Consumer and Market Insights: Savory and Deli Foods in the Philippines

This allows for the rapid identification of key growth opportunities across major Savory and Deli Foods categories and their packaging. Introduction and Landscape * The Philippines's Savory and Deli market will register higher growth in value terms during 2013-2018 compared to 2008-2013.

10 Food Movies Everyone Should See

While it may seem as though deli food is the only grub worthy of cinematic treatment, some foolish auteurs have tackled others. Here are some of the best food films ever, in our humble opinion.

A Day In The Life... Of A Bodega

Convenience stores and corner stores are staples of American life, but New York City's bodegas take them to another level. These modern day general stores are woven into the fabric of city life, temples of necessity as integral as the subway system and bagels.

'Deli Man' a tasty look at a Jewish tradition

A playful documentary on the history, dining and language of the American Jewish delicatessen that you shouldn't see on an empty stomach. You may see better, more Oscar-worthy documentaries this year.

Pastrami on wry with the Texan macher keeping deli culture alive

Erik Greenberg Anjou's forthcoming documentary about the dying culture of Jewish delicatessens is a meal with many courses. Part of it is history, about the links found in taste and smell to an Old Country that exists only in the memories of our elders.

Deli Man Movie Examines An Endangered Dining Tradition

According to David Sax, author of Save the Deli: In Search of Perfect Pastrami, Crusty Rye, and the Heart of Jewish Delicatessen , in 1930, there were over 3,000 Jewish delicatessens in New York City in 1930. In 2009, that number had dwindled to a few dozen.

Washington, DC, is famous for many things, but it's never been known for its great delicatessens. This is what makes K's New York Deli (formerly called Krupin's) a true city treasure -- it's the kind of authentic deli you're used to coming across in New York, complete with high-piled sandwiches and countermen with attitude. This Tenleytown spot has creamy chicken soup, airy matzo balls and platters of smoked fish shipped in from Brooklyn. Sandwich-wise, classics like chopped chicken liver or corned beef on rye are good bets. If you've got a big appetite -- and a friend with a big appetite -- share the beef-in-the-pot, a casserole that produces two bowls of chicken broth, two matzo balls and a slab of tender boiled beef. The food is reliably good, but it's the relaxed neighborhood feel of the place that keeps regulars coming back for more
4620 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC
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